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Love Promised

Interview Questions

Kent Smith and Love Promised: A Future Life Revealed

  • What was one of the motivating factors that inspired you to write this book?
  • Part of the expertise you offer is a synthesis of science and spirituality. What is in your background that inspired you to delve into both areas of study?
  • Throughout your childhood you were plagues by mysterious phenomena you now define as Out-of-the-Body Experiences. Can you tell us more about these OBE and why they are so important to your message?
  • You are also an intuitive. Can you give us examples how your intuition informs your life?
  • People who have lost a loved one draw hope from your story. What is the most important message you offer to people grieving the loss of a loved one?
  • What do you mean when you say “death is an important part of life”?
  • You believe that we have a soul which, like energy, that can never be destroyed? Can you tell us more about this belief?
  • Throughout your story you refer to music you hear on the radio. What do these songs and their timing mean to you?
  • When Russell died what happened to propel you on this journey of reconnecting with him and learning so much about the other side?
  • Russell directed you to tell your story? What does he mean?
  • What did you bury in a time capsule in Toronto and why?
  • You and your family went on many spiritual scavenger hunts in the states, in Canada and in Europe. Please share with us an example of what you learned by going on these hunts.
  • What else will we learn by going to your website www.UniversalLifeStrings.com?
  • You are a motivational and inspirational speaker, what is your main message you share?

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